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Minohara Rolling Therapy helps following conditions

  • Low back: [acute/chronic pain] [pain related to spondylolysis, disc hernia and spinalstenosis]
  • Knee(s): [arthritis deformans] [stiff knee movements (extention/flextion)]
  • Shoulder(s): [stiffness such as office worker’s syndrome] [frozen shoulder]
  • Sport-related: [fatigue] [injuries like sprain, contund, muscle/fascia strain and so on] [stiff muscle and joint]

Other conditions below.
headache,  sciatica, joint pains, imbalance of body, feeling of cold related to circulation, constipation, chronic fatigue, autonomic dysfunction, etc..

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Holidays in MAY 2015

We will have holidays on May 6 (Wed) and 7 (Thu), thank you for your understanding.

Year end holidays

Our year end holidays are from Dec. 31 – Jan. 4. We wish you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Wall art @ our clinic 🙂

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