Rolling Therapy for Athletes

Rolling therapy is recommended for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. They often come to get rolling therapy treatments for following reasons ;

  • Prevent developing swollen muscles with water containing waists after workout. Rolling helps push the water back in vessels fast.
  • Keep strength and range of motion.
  • Recover muscle fiber damage as soon as possible. (When you burn muscles, the stress causes tiny tears in its fibers. Repair materials such as white blood cells rush to the muscle damage part, producing prostaglandins as a byproduct. Prostaglandins causes pain and swelling.)
  • Cure injuries such as bruise, muscle strain, sprain, arthritis and so on. Rolling can make injuries cure faster even though they have inflammation.

We have athletic clients like below;

  • tennis players
  • sumo wrestlers
  • soccer players
  • baseball players
  • dancers
  • boat racers
  • golfers
  • boxers
  • yoga instructors
  • ballet dancers
  • cyclists
  • marathon runners
  • sprinters

We also work for professional athletes as their personal trainer.  We work at national / international tournaments during a contract period. Our clients can get rolling therapy before and after workouts or matches (sometimes during the match).

Trainer at US OPEN

Personal trainer at US OPEN tennis.